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Founded in 1997 AMDS Consultants Ltd have over 50 years accumulated experience in delivering innovative and sustainable IT solutions and business transformation strategies in the private and public sectors, wholly focussed on providing a professional, independent and expert service to our clients, with a particular emphasis on improving business performance. We pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective solutions to customer problems whether the issue is product, performance, process or programme related. We look to provide pragmatic advice and support that improves our customer’s business in whichever way is best suited to their needs and to date we have reduced costs and improved revenues for our clients to a total of £275m and rising.

Actions-arrow-right-double-iconHelping Business to Succeed

A simple framework for creating a high performing enterprise that: improves customer performance, increases profitability and creates empowered employees, developed by                                                                     Dr Alan Morpeth.

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If you have any questions, queries or comments then please phone us on 01386 421747 or use our contact form.

AMDS Consultants – Business Transformation

stock_marketWe are specialists in system delivery and Customer Centric Business Change and relish implementing business change, new infrastructure, software development and rollout, and other systems projects.  At the same time, our aim is always to add value, by developing internal and external stakeholder relationships with employees, clients, suppliers, authorities and regulators to ensure smooth and all-embracing take up of the solutions we deliver.

Our approach focuses on the destination and not on the journey and emphasises our commitment to “thinking outside the checklist” to provide our clients with the outcomes they need.  We work alongside our clients in partnership to exploit our  wide-ranging business experience. Our driving goal is to realise direct benefit for our customers whether that requires: improvements in top or bottom line profitability; providing new ways of working that improve their customer performance; or helping achieve growth in current and new markets.

We work with customers in an independent and professional way providing open and honest advice and support that helps them realise their ambitions. We will always work to the highest standards by using our expertise in the most productive way possible on behalf of our clients. Ultimately our support must offer direct benefit to the individual businesses, organisations and government authorities who choose to use our services.

AMDS Consultants – Portfolio of Clients

hand_handshakeOur portfolio of clients is diverse and features national and international businesses, organisations from the Public and Private sectors, overseas government agencies and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises who specialise in products and services that supply the defence and security domains.

AMDS Consultants – Business Alliances

allianceA major factor behind our ability to meet the needs of a wide range of customers is our proven performance in business alliances. We have a number of key alliances which address different markets including: defence, security, anti-counterfeiting, emergency services, retail, business transformation, training and development, environment and business process re-engineering.

AMDS Consultants’ Practices

AMDS Consultants supplies and implements the services listed in the site map on the right of the screen.


AMDS Consultants’ Business Consultancy Practice has developed from the application of over 50 years of successful business experience to providing pragmatic, cost effective solutions to customer problems. We offer a practical approach to your needs and wants in a wide-range of disciplines including:

  • Business transformation
  • Programme and project management
  • Performance improvement and management
  • Training and Development
  • Systems and requirements engineering
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning
  • Econometrics
  • Marketing media planning and control
  • ERP and CRM technologies and implementations

AMDS Consultants supply these services to both Public and Private Sector clients across the UK and internationally.
AMDS Consultants’ Markets and Business Development Service is founded in the reality that many businesses find themselves being driven by short-term measures and the need to maintain cash-flow whilst neglecting the potential of their products and services. This is particularly true of small, innovative companies with one or two successful products. AMDS Consultants’ support helps these types of business put in place plans, technical developments and programme implementations for the 6 – 24 month and 3 – 5 year business horizons that will sustain and improve market position realising increased growth potential. Working with owners and leaders within the business we help them develop strategic and tactical plans that do not become shelf ware but  instead form the basis of informed decisions about the future direction of their business.
AMDS Consultants also maintain the Web Portal (currently under redevelopment) , developed to support defence and security professionals seeking support for test, evaluation and training programmes. Our portal provides details of world-renowned facilities around the globe that are open for third-party business. The portal features information from capabilities in The Americas, Europe and Australasia. It offers a single point of entry for those buying test evaluation and training services to support the acquisition and development of modern defence and security systems, weapons and platforms.

Among our application areas AMDS Consultants number:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
  • Business Continuity Management (BCM)
  • Human Resources (HR) & Payroll
  • Information Assurance
  • Business Intelligence
  • Financial Systems & Ledgers

Outcome Systems Ltd

Yes, we think that outcomes matter a lot …

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call_conferenceIf you want answers or information about any of our products and services please call us on 01386 421747 or use our convenient contact form. We also welcome feedback, so if you have any comments on our website please let us know.


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