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Seek out your weaknesses and leverage your strengths with Business Assurance

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Our Business Assurance function manages and avoids risk whilst rationalising and strengthening the organisation, its technology and processes, to promote sustainable business growth, performance and profitability.  Business Assurance is not a drag on the business; instead it helps it to move faster,  increasing revenues, reducing costs and enhancing customer experience while maintaining a sensible risk balance.


Principle parts of an assurance engagement

As the diagram shows, by balancing risk with customer acquisition, retention and favourable customer experience we support a businesses’ sustainability. With a realistic risk perspective, our assurance strategies improve operational effectiveness and efficiency to promote high-performance operations.  Add forward-looking process and organisational design, with appropriate and well implemented technology, and you have a model for greater profitability or other returns and success in achieving business goals.

access_control    Business Assurance Benefits

Business Assurance covers revenue assurance, fraud management and information assurance, risk management, and optimisation of business operations, to:

  1. Increase revenue and reduce costs
  2. Assure revenue
  3. Manage fraud
  4. Discover, monitor and manage various risks at your discretion
  5. Improve cross-business efficiency
  6. Automate tasks to save time on analysis and corrective actions
  7. Avoid functional and operational gaps, and optimise overlaps to maximise returns

access_control    Linked services

A Business Assurance engagement often includes one or more of:

… and sometimes brings in our Systems Due Diligence and Business Continuity Management services.

Our expertise and experience lies not only in business and commerce but also in achieving results for local and central government and in the defence and security arenas.

call_conferenceIf you would like to explore how our Business Assurance services can improve your business through our flexible and innovative approach then please use our convenient contact form or phone us on 01386 421747 for discussion of your needs.

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