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Business Realisation

Benefits Realisation is key to the success of every project; however, it is often neglected in the rush to bring a new solution into operation, particularly as businesses often do not know how to evaluate the benefits from a project. As an outcome-focussed team all of our projects include specific measures and mechanisms by which we can monitor the achievement of the benefits predicted in the business case. Any project that aims to gain benefit for the organisation through business change is likely to fail to deliver if all of the participants are not informed and involved throughout the project or programme and are not fully prepared to exploit the new business environment once it is in place.

Benefits Realisation in practice

Benefits Realisation means supporting senior management to ensure that all plans, work packages and deliverables are aligned to the expected benefits and we lead those activities needed to realise the benefits, as well as monitoring the emergence and effective realisation of the expected benefits. Sometimes this needs intervention to pull benefits back on track and we do this by promoting the project or programme to staff at all levels of the business, bringing order to complex situations and keep the focus of the business on business objectives.

In parallel with these activities we maintain the business case for funding the programme and confirm the continuing business viability of the programme at regular intervals i.e. can  the project or programme, as currently constituted, deliver the necessary benefits. As an optional service we offer to return to audit the benefits six, twelve or eighteen months after the project has gone live, a certain measure of Benefits Realisation.


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