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Your data and IPR should not be powering another organisation without your consent …

Information AssuranceOur work in defence and security, with local and central government and with data-sensitive commercial organisations, has given us a deep understanding of Information Assurance methods and of the growing threat of cybercrime. . We deploy these to protect the integrity, availability, authenticity, non-repudiation and confidentiality of information and data in storage and in transit. We specialise in managing the risks in a pragmatic and cost effective manner. Our approach is to gain and maintain the confidence of our client by selecting, designing, justifying,  implementing and overseeing the operation of controls and management strategies. Information Assurance services are necessary to maintain the security, confidentiality, integrity, availability, accountability and relevant compliance of your information systems.

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We support our clients using investigative methods and assessment approaches that are fully in accord with ISO27001, UK Government cyber-essentials and specific other standards and best practices  within the defence and security world. Our services begin with a comprehensive assessment of the current situation of our client’s organisation to scope the nature and extent of the organisation’s exposure, followed by a thorough debriefing that sees us working with our client to identify: areas at risk, potential remedial actions, alternative management strategies and plans to implement the necessary information transformation.

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We supply and set up operational security management and administrative services that typically include the authorisation and monitoring of access to IT facilities or infrastructure, investigating and preventing unauthorised access and securing compliance with relevant legislation.

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Our ethical hackers are skilled at discovering organisational vulnerabilities by designing and executing penetration tests. These demonstrate how an adversary, competitor or other intruder can  violate specific Intellectual Property or otherwise achieve specific adversarial objectives. One such danger to your business is an intruder using your servers to run a spamming campaign or any other subversion of your organisation’s security goals. Pen(etration) Test results provide deeper insight into the business risks of various system vulnerabilities. We can search out vulnerabilities across the full spectrum of organisation policies, processes and defences. This will improve organisational readiness, improve training for defensive practitioners and inspect current performance levels. Alternatively, we can develop specific policies and security awareness training programmes for specific systems, or anything in between.

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Our prioritised approach to PCI DSS accreditation guides our clients through an incremental process of improving protection against the highest risk factors and escalating threats while making progress toward overall PCI DSS compliance. Our methods are fully in accord with the standards and requirements defined by the PCI Security Standards Council Board of Advisors and are based on live experience carrying out PCI DSS audits in both SME and Blue Chip organisations. An average engagement will remove sensitive authentication data and limit data retention, protect systems and networks, prepare the organisation to respond to a breach, secure payment card applications, monitor and control access to systems, protect stored cardholder data and finalise the remaining compliance efforts and ensure that all controls are in place.


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