System Audit services

Are your systems operating optimally to your benefit?

200187512-001Our System Audit consultants provide advice and recommendations, based on expertise and experience, to help our clients to understand if their systems or solutions are operating as well as they could, delivering what the client needs, and doing so in a safe, sustainable and overall acceptable way. We may deal with one specialist subject area or we can investigate a wide range of strategic business issues. We can also include support for the implementation of any agreed solutions.

Although we carry out system audits and assessments in a number of specialist areas (for example our Benefits Realisation and Information Assurance services) our general offering covers four main areas:

  • System Audit – Sustainability Assessment
  • System Audit – User Experience
  • System Audit – Conformance Review
  • System Audit – Safety Assessment

exam    System Audit – Sustainability Assessment

Sustainability is all about taking what we need to live and work now without jeopardising the potential for people in the future to meet their needs. As part of our system/solution audit offering we evaluate the sustainability of operational or planned services or systems, devices and day-to-day operations and processes by building models and schemes to evaluate changes in consumption over time caused by the operation of various systems or processes and to identify ways to improve their efficiency.

exam    System Audit – User Experience Analysis

If customers and other users do not find your systems easy to use and your goods and services easy to access i.e. if they do not enjoy a “good user experience” then they are likely to avoid using them. Our user experience service identifies, analyses, classifies and communicates the context of use in which applications will operate and of the goals of products, systems or services. We analyse and prioritise stakeholders’ “user experience” needs by defining required system behaviour and performance and resolving potential conflicts between user requirements and determination of usability objectives

We evaluate systems, products or services to ensure that the stakeholder’s and organisation’s needs have been met, required good practice has been followed and that systems in use continue to meet organisational and user needs. We can carry out a one off investigation (usually after the application has been implemented, often some time after, as our client seeks reassurance about the application) or we can engage in iterative assessment, from the early prototypes of a system through to final implementation and business-as-usual, looking at  effectiveness, efficiency, user satisfaction, health and safety and accessibility, to measure or improve the usability of new or existing systems and processes, to deliver optimum levels of product or service usability.

exam    System Audit – Conformance Review

In a business world filled with legislation, specific standards, best practice and a snow-storm of other documented requirements an organisation often needs an independent assessment of the conformity of any activity, process, deliverable, product or service to those criteria. This may relate, for example, to asset management, security tools, firewalls and internet security, sustainability, real-time systems, application design and specific certifications.

exam    System Audit – Safety Assessment

Safety-related software systems, such as Computerised Maintenance Management systems (CMMS) and fire detection and control systems need to be assessed to determine their compliance with standards and required levels of safety integrity. Our consultants are skilled and experienced in making professional judgements on software engineering approaches (suitability of design, testing, validation and verification methods etc.) as well identifying and evaluating risks and the means by which they can be reduced. We can operate at any level within the organisation that allows us to establish assessment framework and practices and to set up their  maintenance and management structures, systems and processes.


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