Organisation Design and Implementation

If any of the following are true about your business then we have an organisation design solution for you …

  • Organisation DesignYou have been part of a merger or acquisition
  • Your organisational structure interferes with your customers’ needs
  • You are suffering a downturn in business
  • Your business has expanded into the global marketplace
  • External forces (regulators, review bodies etc.) require you to re-examine the structure of your business
  • Your business has outgrown its organisation structure
  • You have new leaders who want to improve the structure of the business
  • Your organisation has downsized its staff in the past year
  • Your employees/partners tell you that the organisation’s structure interferes with their effectiveness
  • You have undertaken a business process improvement exercise

If you answered “yes” to any of these then please read on …

Organisation Design is never easy. Change for change’s sake has long been a joke in business. However necessary the change is it will disrupt the organisation and impair efficiency, at least in the short term, so you need to be clear about the reasons for the change. During Organisation Design we recommend thinking about three main areas, as below.

1.  Organisation Design – the business

  • What are your internal and external customer’s needs and wants?
  • What is your competition doing?
  • What industry trends apply to your business?
  • What marketplace changes are taking place?
  • What are your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses?

2.  Organisation’s values

  • What does you organisation stand for?
  • What are your values?
  • What is your vision?
  • What organisational structure do you want to cultivate?
  • How closely do you correspond to your stated values, cultural norms and behaviours?

3.  Organisation Design – major processes

  • What are your critical processes?
  • How would you rate the effectiveness of these processes?
  • Are your standards as they need to be?
  • Organisational Design Model

The following diagram summarises the approach we took to addressing the Organisation Design issues affecting a major conference and exhibition venue:

Organisation Design

The stages are:

Setting the stage. Here we communicated to staff and other stakeholders (including a selection of customers) where the organisation was headed in the medium to long term

Gathering data. We used a combination of survey, workshops, interviews and close observation to gather information on the effectiveness of the current organisation. This fed into a gap analysis of the space between the current reality and the vision and identified further areas where we needed to investigate.

Design transformation. Based on our gap analysis we defined the criteria for success for the client’s design goals.

Implement and Evaluate. This stage can be summed up by “job-design” and “talent choices” carried out against a background of cultural change (one of our specialities). It involved analysing the impact of the proposed changes on the business and cushioning that impact where necessary.

As in all of our projects we supplied support for our client, stakeholders and other interested parties from start to finish, securing buy-in to the process from the start, discussing changes, testing ideas, soliciting views and understanding the interests in and around the business.


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