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Enterprise Growth – why do we provide support and services?


Business is about growth, whether that is for personal gain, professional satisfaction or philanthropic intent. We support business owners and their executive boards to realise a profitable and growing future. We recognise the need to develop an enterprise not just in the next six months but also over the one-to-five year time-scale.

We enable our clients to develop their mission, vision, objectives and goals by helping them to define and articulate their purpose and to set realistic goals for horizons ‘1’ (0-6 months), ‘2’ (6-24 months) and ‘3’ (2 to 5 years). We also capture the explicit and implicit outcomes that owners and directors are seeking from targeted enterprise growth. In particular we will assist our clients in make and developing the objectives, goals and outcome links that demonstrate their commitment to customer service, generate exceptional delivery performance and build new customer bases as well as retain and grow business from existing clients.

stockWhat does our Enterprise Growth support offer clients

We have a proven track record of working closely with our clients to develop the strategies, systems and structures that form the supports of an enterprise growth pyramid.

Enterprise Growth
Enterprise Growth Pyramid

Working within the enterprise we engage all levels of the organisation in developing customer, supplier and shareholder strategies that show commitment to both new and existing customers by:

  • delivering on promises
  • establishing “customer centricity” that treats both customers and suppliers as integral to the growth sought
  • eliminating wasteful debate by articulating the enterprise’s objectives, goals and desired outcomes in a way that is accessible to all components of the growth value chain

With established business analysis and process engineering practices we can work alongside the functional and operational elements of a business to identify the full value chain for an enterprise. We can help the enterprise to identify process weaknesses and waste, develop solutions to resolve process conflicts and suggest new operational approaches or supporting infrastructures that will realise cost savings that increase top- and bottom-line profitability.

While assisting our clients in focussing on the control of internal systems and process we also provide support on market and product development, for further information please follow the individual links to either or both of these services. Market Development is encapsulated by the enterprise’s choice between investing to enhance performance in existing markets and choosing to challenge new markets. In both cases our consultants can assist with planning and execution. Product Development is the corollary to market development and will be driven by the enterprise strategies determined. In particular the process of targeting either existing or new markets with a new or developed product is integral to realising enterprise growth. Our extensive experience of developing market and product strategies as well as communication campaigns to support new launches and product reboots means our consultants are well suited to supporting owners and executives in this arena of business expansion.

The final base of the enterprise growth pyramid is the development of organisational structures. Further detail is given in our Organisational Design pages.

In the context of achieving enterprise growth our consultants, in support of our clients, focus activity on the components of exceptional ┬ácustomer performance. In particular, we work with our customers to assess the existing organisational design against any concluded value chain analysis and a “customer centricity” appraisal of the business. Such an analysis would identify how the enterprise is performing regarding responsiveness, agility, consistency and professionalism.

Additionally our assessments consider all aspects of internal and external communications including social and professional media. In the modern environment of social media campaigns how is the enterprise perceived and respected, are the owners and executives exploiting such outlets to “best effect”, are the customers of the business influenced by misleading information on forums such as Facebook and Twitter and are the organisation’s structures robust enough to respond quickly, effectively and economically to matters arising in this way. A reputation built over years can be destroyed in a week by a targeted campaign unless the enterprise is agile enough to respond quickly in all of the traditional, professional and social media segments.

stockWhere our Enterprise Growth services impact our clients’ business

In short, everywhere or wherever the client wishes to make the greatest impact. However, our experience tells us that a piecemeal approach to Enterprise Growth can and will under-perform. To really achieve business success any programme driving improved business performance will impact across the whole organisation. It will lead to:

  • setting and monitoring growth targets;
  • improved approach by sales teams;
  • developing a philosophy of relationship-building where every retained customer has as much value as a new customer;
  • a drive to achieve more referrals than new customer visits, and:
  • ultimately exceptional customer service.


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