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Business Strategy

Building on over 50 years of tactical and strategic management experience we offer a comprehensive set of Business Strategy support services to assist our clients in developing key strategies for their business, organisation or social enterprise. Our Business Strategy services cover all aspects of the growth and development of our customers’ future including:

  • Analysis
  • Transformation
  • Performance Improvement

decision_support_system    Business Strategy – Analysis

The scope of analysis activity is driven by the needs of the business. Our services include a number of different tools and techniques that can be used to develop both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, performance indicators and strategic options.

Our consultants can conduct a range of assessments that form the basis of strategic development including:

  • Independent appraisal of existing strategies and tactics
  • Analysis of existing and potential competitors
  • Identification of potential opportunities in new markets or products
  • Data to underpin development and diversification options for both markets and products.

The choice of tools and techniques we make will be agreed with our clients at the outset of any business strategy programme. The importance of this prior planning lies in our team understanding what data may already be available within the client’s enterprise and what data gathering methodologies form part of the day-to-day management of the business. In this way we will minimise any additional or nugatory work related to satisfying analysis information demands.

In the absence of existing tools or techniques there are a number of readily accessible approaches where our experience will ensure that the enterprise’s decision makers are provided with the information they need to make and implement strategic decisions, these include but are not limited too:

  • SWOT
  • Future mapping
  • Value chain analysis i.e. the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the business
  • Lean and Six Sigma
  • Business Process Re-engineering

In every business strategy programme we will seek the most appropriate analysis set to meet the needs of the customer and minimise the overhead of data gathering within the enterprise.

decision_support_system    Business Strategy – Transformation

In the context of business strategy an essential requirement is to identify, plan and implement business transformations that either react to a crisis or target enterprise growth. We provide comprehensive help and assistance to organisations in both public and private sectors seeking to realign or redefine their operations by applying our experience in the following fields:

Each of these areas represents potential business strategies for an enterprise.

The operational structures within the business can be a source of efficiency but can also generate waste and unnecessary information collection and monitoring. It is therefore crucial to fully understand all of the business components that contribute to realising a delivery to a customer ensure that waste is minimised or eliminated and customer services excels.

Any business must answer the key question of what organisational design best suits my current markets and will it be appropriate for the growth markets I am targeting. Design can be a simple application of different management structures or it could be a fundamental reconstruction to take advantage of developments in, for example, technology, information systems or communication. The decision on what organisational design an enterprise needs for growth will depend on the chosen business strategy and what a thorough analysis is saying about both the business and it’s competitors.

In the modern era many businesses have adopted a core versus non-core construct leading to the development of the Hollow Enterprise where many of the subsidiary components of the value chain have been out-sourced or merged into shared services. Such approaches can generate both short and long-term savings but require the enterprise to competently specify, contract and manage such supply contracts and service level agreements. With experience of PFI, PPP, out-sourcing and large-scale technical service provision we can help clients of all types to gain maximum advantage from such strategic choices whilst protecting what makes the customer’s enterprise unique and capable.

A smaller step than hollowing out is the development of alliances and partnerships that offer mutual benefit. A major component of such strategies is the need to identify and develop relationships with potential partners and within alliances. As a company with a number of formal and informal alliances and partnerships AMDS Consultants can support owners and directors in the targeting of such strategies.

The final area where transformation is often wrought relates to the selection and adoption of Enterprise Resource Planning systems and suites that manage the day-to-day operation of all project financial, sales and invoicing components of a business. The implementation of such systems often drives both employers and employees to distraction as large specialist service providers come in and dictate the approach an enterprise must follow. We consider that any ERP system or suite must be fit-for-purpose to the enterprise not the service provider consequently we are able to offer cost-effective, experienced selection and implementation assistance to clients. Our help will enable the owners and directors to develop specification and contracting arrangements as well as offering independent programme management of the realisation of the system or suite within the enterprise.

AMDS Consultants will be your transformation partner enabling the essential changes necessary for enterprise growth to be achieved and your business strategy to be realised.

decision_support_systemBusiness Strategy – Performance Improvement

It is a well-established maxim that what gets measured gets done. The final element of developing a realistic, functional and implemented business strategy is to determine how, against whom and through what systems the improvements in performance that support the enterprise growth strategies will be measured.

In producing any business strategy the enterprise must establish the purpose and objectives of the organisation. Cascading down from these must be goals, targets and performance indicators at a number of levels including, business unit, team, and individual. The measurement of these will drive performance improvement and the realisation of the business strategy. Both financial and non-financial performance indicators must support the goals and targets to ensure progress is correctly appraised.

A vibrant business strategy however requires not just internal performance measures but also external benchmarking against competitors, customer expectations and established standards where that is appropriate for the enterprise.

We assist our clients in developing these essential components of performance improvement by analysing current performance, modelling desired future performance, and establishing methodologies to gather data on the delivery of cascaded indicators. Our services can be as simple or as complex as the client desires but it is a fundamental premise of support that the information will be a combination of qualitative and quantitative measures of both financial and non-financial performance. In this way our customer will gain a thorough understanding of how their business strategy and aspirations for enterprise growth are being realised.

Our Business Strategy services could make a major difference to the performance of your organisation. To investigate further please call on 01386 421747 or use our convenient contact form.

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