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Market Analysis – markets drive growth, growth breeds success – the AMDS Consultants’ market analysis service

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The development of any enterprise in either existing or new markets is at the core of any business strategy that strives to achieve enterprise growth. We can provide our clients with a comprehensive approach to developing their market position and achieving success. The starting point for any advance is a comprehensive market analysis service that provides:

  • a market strategy and planning service
  • a market entry programme developed to meet a client’s growth strategy
  • a market development service that builds on market breakthroughs in either existing or new markets

new_productMarket Analysis – Market Strategy and Planning Service

In an ideal world all businesses would have purpose, strategies, structures and systems that address all their chosen markets and supply exceptional customer services to each and every one of their clients. Enterprises however are organic, subject to chaotic behaviour and often blind-sided by develops in parallel and adjacent market segments; consequently they must be agile, reactive and responsive. Sadly these needs often mean that no prior planning is undertaking, decisions are not made but driven by outside influences and management judgements are gut reactions not calculated, this is not an ideal starting place for enterprise growth.

Our Market Analysis follows the 5P’s maxim that “prior planning prevents poor performance” while our experiential learning teaches us that no plan survives the first engagement. Consequently we will advocate that clients undertake the necessary planning before contemplating a change in the way they address existing markets or tackling a new market whilst recommending that any plan is there to be developed not set in concrete on the marketing director’s oak-shelved bookcase.

We will work with customers in the development of their market plans and strategies in the following areas:

  • demonstrating coherence with the established purpose, business strategy and enterprise growth programme
  • setting of realistic and measurable objectives, goals and targets
  • eliminating waste from existing market processes and structures
  • characterising the value chain that supports the proposed market strategy and plans
  • establishing the broad-scanning capabilities that will assist market entry and development
  • determining the key performance indicators and metrics that will drive the plans and strategy
  • identifying the teams and individuals responsible for implementation of the strategy and plans
  • formulating the customer communications strategy for both retained and new clients
  • realising an internal communications strategy for staff and shareholders

If an enterprise is going to achieve its strategy and growth then it must start with a comprehensive plan that is communicated, understood and implemented in an agile and responsive programme, as a result of an expert Market Analysis project.

new_productMarket analysis must have an output – market entry support

The entry of an enterprise into a new market must address a number of factors before the business can establish a bridgehead in the new landscape. These include:

  • the markets that are targeted
  • the products that will be in the vanguard of market entry
  • the cultural factors at play in the new market
  • the need or otherwise for alliances in the target market.

Utilising many of the tools and techniques that support our business strategy services we can assist the enterprise in answering these four market entry questions.

Identifying the markets to target will be driven by: the rate of growth desired, the in-business knowledge of particular markets, the accessibility of the market in terms of proximity to existing markets, exploiting established links or simply by the enterprise having an aspiration. If the reason for targeting a particular market is not understood, planned and analysed then it is extremely likely that the entry programme will fail. Consequently, we recommend as a minimum that we assist our client in conducting a MORTAR and PESTEL analysis ahead of any go no-go decision. Such a Market Analysis will help the client look at all of the potential generic external and internal factors that will influence choice and subsequent success.

Integral to the identification of the target market is an assessment of which products will lead the entry programme. Will the enterprise lead with there current product range without adaptation or will it be necessary to consider some development of these existing products to improve the market fit? Finally is the target market so attractive that an initial investment in developing completely new products for that market is the most effective way to realise market entry and enterprise growth. Fundamental to these decisions is the requirement to conduct the necessary market analysis and strategic development to ensure that the enterprise make their decision based on the best possible information.

The third factor that influences the choice of market entry is the cultural imperatives operating within the target market. The complexity of these influences is readily demonstrated by the regional variations within the UK and Europe let alone those between Europe and the rest of the World. Within Europe there are differences between the way business is conducted in the Anglo-Saxon north and Roman south. There are also significant differences between southern Europe and northern Africa whilst once a business moves East or West another set of cultural mores apply. In assessing the target markets the enterprise must consider the impact of local practice and influence as well as any existing connectivity the business possesses. With experience of doing business in diverse locations including: Europe, Indian sub-continent, Australia, and America; we have wide experience of the cultural factors that will influence our clients’ success in implementing their business strategy and market entry programmes.

The final element of developing a market entry programme and one that may overcome some of the cultural factors impacting the implementation is the development of alliances. We have enjoyed success working in a number of alliances and as associates with like-minded enterprises. Our experience provides us with an understanding of the importance of alliances to the success of an individual enterprise in an increasingly interconnected world. We are familiar with the fundamentals of BSI11000 (Collaborative Business Relationships) and have used these as the basis of alliance decisions within our own organisations and in support of clients seeking service delivery and social enterprise partners.

With a track record in developing new business our business analysis and business strategy consultants can provide the independent, expert and professional resource that owners and directors need to determine the right choice to realise their strategy and achieve enterprise growth.

new_productMarket Analysis – market development services

If entry into new markets is the icing and decoration peripherals, the core of a successful cake is found in developing performance in existing markets. Existing markets offer the enterprise an established client base, the opportunity for growth through referral and the potential to create a dominant position based on product and delivery track records. Existing markets however cannot be taken for granted and we pride ourselves on our ability to help clients stay ahead of their competitors by providing a flexible strategy development, market analysis and planning service that ensures that our clients are working with the best possible information on their established markets. Some of the key features of that Market Analysis service are:

  • market and product planning
  • standard and enhanced marketing mix studies
  • analysis of market size, segmentation and operational environment
  • competitor analysis
  • development of performance metrics
  • communication programmes and technical writing services
  • single country and regional analyses
  • investment appraisal including products, ROI, IRR and pricing strategies
  • customer and supplier identification and assessment
  • customer retention and loyalty strategies, systems and structures
  • sales and marketing training and development.

In summary therefore our market analysis services are:

  • comprehensive
  • practical
  • applicable to a wide range of clients
  • focused on delivering chosen business strategies and enterprise growth programmes

… underpinned by gathering the right information on the right products for the right markets and in support of retaining the right customers.


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