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Product Introduction support services

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The owner and directors want to realise enterprise growth and have built a business strategy to reflect their decision. A major part of their growth programme will be the introduction of one or more new products into both existing and potentially new markets. We can support you throughout this process by offering the following services:

  • identifying both existing and new markets for the product
  • providing the market analysis underpinned by a recommended marketing mix for the product
  • determining the mix of communications required to realise the introduction and
  • providing the technical writing support that facilitates the communication programme

Utilising the tools, techniques and approaches described elsewhere (market analysis) we are able to provide our clients with a comprehensive analysis that not only identifies the most appropriate markets for the product introduction but also provides the basis for decisions to be made about the chosen established or enhanced marketing mix (product, place, price, promotion, (people and processes)) for that introduction.

We can support by helping develop the necessary strategy, plans, objectives and goals to achieve a successful product introduction. We can also help with defining the characteristics of the product, developing the packaging and classifying the product for particular markets. We provide this support ourselves and through established alliances with other specialist companies in graphics design, public relations and Internet promotion.

We develop communication programmes to support product introduction

The success of any product introduction to both existing and new markets is dependent on the production and implementation of a communication programme that is persuasive, comprehensive and accessible to target markets and customers. In any product launch significant effort must be allocated to the writing and publication of a wide range of physical and published communications material including for example:

  • Presentations
  • Technical and commercial briefings
  • Social media both professional and lay
  • Email mail shots
  • Electronic communications such as webinar, chat lines and streaming
  • Specific promotions
  • Brochures
  • Technical leaflets
  • Advertorials in the business and technical media
  • White and green papers

We provide a full technical authoring and writing service founded in the technical expertise of our principle consultants supplemented by intelligent use of open information sources, strategic alliances and a number of mutual associates with specific expertise in areas such as publishing, public relations and internet communications.

To fully understand the breadth of our ability to assist our clients with product introductions into new and established markets please use the links on this page and explore in detail the content of our website.


call_conferenceTo discover how we can provide your business with a comprehensive analysis, identify the most appropriate markets for the product introduction and provide the basis for your Product Introduction decisions please call us on 01386 421747 or use our convenient contact form.

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