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Technical Authoring creates printed, web-based and other electronic documentation that is accurate, complete, unambiguous and concise. In addition to research, language, editing, technical and writing skills our technical writers bring you skills in information design, information architecture, training material development, illustration and graphic design, website design and management, user interfaces and Business Analysis.

blog    Technical Authoring process

Having created an overall development plan we use a five-step approach to producing publications:

Step 1: information gathering and planning

Step 2: content specification

Step 3: content development and implementation

Step 3.1: audience profiling (identifying target audience)

Step 3.2: user task analysis (analysing the task and information           required based on the target audience)

Step 3.3: information architecture (design based on analysis; how to prepare the document)

Step 3.4: content development (develop/prepare the document)

Step 3.5: technical and editorial review (validation of the accuracy and completeness of the document)

Step 3.6: formatting and publishing (once the review has been signed off)

Step 4: production

Step 5: evaluation

blog    Technical Authoring standards and guidelines

We can provide formal standards and guidelines for various styles and formats of technical documentation, depending on the medium and subject area.

We follow our clients’ standards and style books or, in the absence of these, standard style guides such as the Oxford Guide to Style, Hart’s Rules, The Economist Style Guide (our own internal style book) or, for our US clients, The Chicago Manual of Style or Gregg Reference Manual.

Many of our clients have internal guides that cover specific corporate issues such as logo use, branding and other aspects of corporate style such as the Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications.

For defence, security or aerospace-related projects we follow national and international documentation standards.

blog    Technical Authoring tools

We use common technical authoring tools such Adobe InCopy and InDesign, WordPress, MS-Word, MS-Publisher and MS-Expression Web.

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