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Learning and Development on the job … and off

Learning and DevelopmentMost of our engagements involve some degree of skills transfer, if only to train staff how to use their new systems or processes or how to take up and continue with the work we have been doing after our engagement ends.  This is a complex and interwoven area and in it we provide:

  • Learning & Development management
  • Learning assessment and evaluation
  • Learning design and development
  • Learning delivery
  • Performance management
  • Resourcing
  • Professional development

e-learning    Learning and Development management

We provide learning and development processes, including learning management systems, to develop the professional, business and/or technical skills required by an organisation. This involves developing and controlling the learning & development strategy for our clients, ensuring that the needs of their organisation are met, at both strategic and tactical levels. We also determine the learning and development programme and delivery mechanisms needed to grow staff skills in line with business needs, identifying appropriate accreditation and qualification paths, applicable to individuals within the organisation. To ensure that you realise the most from your L&D investment we evaluate learning outcomes, managing the development and provision of all learning, taking account of the strategic aims of the employing organisation.

e-learningLearning and Development – assessment and evaluation

Determining the learning needs of an organisation is a specialised skill. Learning Needs Assessment (also known as Training Needs Assessment) involves analysing the  knowledge, skills and behaviour within an organisation by any means, whether formal or informal, against corporate objectives and against capability and qualification frameworks. We specify and administer the methods, tools and standards for assessing knowledge, skill and behaviour of learners as well as specifying and administering the methods, tools and standards for evaluating the impact of a learning programme against defined outcomes.

e-learning    Learning design and development

Having determined the Learning and Development needs of an organisation we are experienced in the specification, design, creation, packaging and maintenance of materials and resources for use in learning and development in the workplace. Typically this involves analysing information from existing sources, selecting and re-presenting it in a form suitable to the intended purpose and audience.  We cover instructional design, content development, configuration and testing of learning environments and the use of appropriate current technologies such as audio, video, simulation and assessment. We often develop learning schemes for third party accreditation and qualification.

e-learning    Learning delivery

For learning and development to be effective business and technical skills and knowledge have to be transferred and used to promote professional attitudes. We use a range of techniques, resources and media, which might include e-Learning, on-line virtual environments, self-assessment, peer-assisted learning, simulation, and other current methods. Our services include planning and scheduling the delivery of learning activities, based on agreed learning objectives. We manage the delivery of programmes of learning, customise formal and informal learning activities, incorporating relevant business scenarios and case studies. We design appropriate environments and deliver learning activities to specialist audiences, advising and coaching others in learning delivery techniques and options.

e-learning    Performance management

Performance Management, optimising the performance of people (including determination of capabilities, integration into teams, allocation of tasks, direction, support, guidance, motivation, and management of performance) is a hot topic. Our services include managing individuals within change or service delivery environments, allocating management and supervisory responsibilities, providing coaching and support and delegating responsibilities where possible to achieve corporate objectives. We mentor and influence senior staff in their career opportunities and contribution to the organisation, setting performance objectives, and monitoring progress against agreed quality and performance criteria.

e-learning    Resourcing

Learning and Development plays an important part in the overall resource management of the workforce to enable effective operation of the organisation, providing advice on every aspect of acquiring resources, including employees, consultants and contractors.

e-learningLearning and Development – Professional Development

Professional development involves the initiation, monitoring, review and validation of learning and development plans in line with needs of the organisational or its business requirements. We counsel participants in all relevant aspects of their continual professional development, identifying appropriate learning/development resources, liaising with internal and external training providers’ defining career pathways and evaluating the benefits of continual professional development activities.


Our largest job to date in this area was setting up a Project & Business Analysis department for Bovis Lend Lease EMEA, which involved recruiting staff, training, setting up professional development paths, selecting tools, technologies and methodologies, designing processes and procedures, securing accreditation, training the business, bringing about cultural change and engagement within the business.


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