Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

200130803-001Sometimes we are engaged to manage more than a single project when we develop and apply a systematic management framework to define and deliver a portfolio of programmes, projects and ongoing services, in support of our client’s business strategies and objectives.

This includes:

  • developing a clear understanding of cost, risk, inter-dependencies and impact on existing business activities
  • implementing a strategic investment appraisal and decision making process
  • enabling the measurement and objective evaluation of potential changes and the benefits to be realised
  • prioritising resource utilisation and changes to be implemented.
  • regularly reviewing of portfolios
  • managing the service pipeline (proposed or in development)
  • managing the service catalogue (live or available for deployment)
  • retiring services with minimum impact.

plan_communication    Portfolio Management Role

As portfolio managers we lead the definition, implementation and review of the portfolio management framework, authorise the structure of portfolios and align with client’s business strategy and objectives with the opportunities presented by emerging IT and digital trends. We  prioritise the use of resources and the changes to be implemented, recommend and implement corrective action. We work by engaging and influencing senior management.

Setting up the Portfolio Management framework has to be followed by on-going monitoring and review of the portfolio(s) for their impact on current business activities and strategic benefits, implementing effective portfolio governance arrangements supported by effective reporting to continue beyond our engagement.

plan_communication    Portfolio Management Skills

When working on Portfolio Management we build on our Project Management and Programme Management skills supplemented by broad experience of:

  • stakeholder management, negotiation and facilitation
  • portfolio structuring, managing governance and funding processes and resource management, particularly managing scarce resources.
  • Understanding an organisation’s value system
  • Securing the required balance between financial and strategic benefits
  • Ability to establish and monitor the cost and benefit risks


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