Organisational Accreditation & Assurance

Utilising AMDS Consultants enables clients to manage and mitigate information risks while rationalising and strengthening the organisation allowing a focus on growth, gain, satisfaction and philanthropy.

The goal of any engagement is to facilitate the development of sustainable, high performing profitable enterprises. The practical and cost effective AMDS Consultants approach to assurance and accreditation helps the enterprise move faster, increase revenues, reduce waste and improve the customer experience.

Services include

  • application of the four “A’s” awareness-raising, assessment, action planning and accreditation (where sought)
  • audit & self-assessment against international standards for information assurance
  • risk-based business case development and implementation design or delivery
  • executive engagement and workshops in data protection

AMDS Consultants methods and techniques ensure that accreditation and assurance are not drags on the business rather they provide a sensible balance between risk and reward. By balancing risk with customer acquisition, retention and referral the approach supports sustainable business growth and profitability.

The realistic risk perspectives AMDS Consultants encourage and enable within client organisations support increases in operational effectiveness and efficiency promoting high-performance structures, processes and operations. In combination with targeted technology these improvements allow goals and increased profitability to be achieved.


Among the engagements delivered are

  • Infrastructure programmes
  • Secure transaction systems
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Systematic process design and implementation
  • Data protection structures,  systems and virtual support services

Clients Served

Clients of these services include:

  • Local government
  • Social enterprises
  • Passenger transport services
  • Data-intense business services
  • Front-line research, technology and support services
Information assets
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Information assurance

AMDS Consultants Ltd have provided accreditation and assurance support through a wide range of engagements

For example

In government: Systems security appraisals and information asset assurance studies, secure transaction design and audit, data protection process and structure reviews as well as digital security assessments for resident communications.

In the private sector: Business continuity and disaster recovery appraisal and action planning in data intense services, information asset protection and assurance assessments as well as internal audit provision in the leisure industry.

In transport: CIO and virtual DPO manpower services, secure fixed and mobile transaction processing, as well as data protection and information security processes, systems and structures,

In the FMCG segment: Enhanced customer satisfaction data collection and analysis, business continuity planning and processes as well as generic customer service studies.

In the 3rd Sector and NDPBs: Performance appraisal and financial resilience studies, communications and IT network structures, ISO27000 and PCI DSS assessments, action plans and implementations as well as generic
business process design and implementation.

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