About Us


AMDS Consultants Ltd are a small, responsive and flexible consultancy based in the UK’s West Midlands but operating nationally and occasionally internationally. We specialise in four main areas:

  • Project, Programme and Portfolio Management and Direction
  • Organisational Accreditation and Assurance
  • Design, Development and Delivery of Change
  • Provision of Interim Management Resource

Our approach is founded on being a customer-led, cost effective and outcome focussed critical friend to clients of all sizes and in all sectors. Our goal is to help realise the customers’ need for growth, transformation, performance and reputational assurance. To achieve this, we delivery our engagements using methods, tools and techniques which are aligned to the strategy and goals of the enterprise whilst remaining fully aligned with the cultural norms that allow success.


Founded by two friends with complimentary skills in September 2010 the originally named AMDS Support Services Ltd sought to develop a web-based solution to the growing need for increased utilisation of defence test, evaluation and training facilities around the globe. While the need remains, nationalistic demands for local capability and an unwillingness to cooperate either structurally or technically led to the concept lacking traction.

In response we focussed instead on exploiting over 50 years’ experience of management expertise to help clients improve performance, achieve their goals and realise change. In recognition of our growing consultancy client base the organisation was renamed in December 2015 when it became AMDS Consultants Ltd.

In the years since then we have maintained a growing client base which include national and local government including NDPBs (Non-Departmental Public Bodies), passenger transport services, social enterprises, commercial and SME markets including defence, security, FMCG, data-intense operations as well as research and technology suppliers.

Throughout our existence the focus of the business has always been on finding outcome-based, pragmatic, resource efficient and sustainable solutions to client needs. We have done this by utilising our own expertise, drawing on an extensive network of alliances and maintaining relationships with associates who offer specific experience of value to client engagements


At AMDS Consultants Ltd our entire philosophy rests on ensuring that any service we provide gives a benefit to our clients. As our customer’s critical friend, we will always seek to find tools, techniques and methodologies which are right for the circumstances of our engagement. Once the requirement, scope and desired outcomes are fully understood we will apply the best available solution to achieve the result. Our approach is summarised by the transformational model below:

Delivery Performance

Illustrative examples of delivery performance are shown in the table. Further information can be gained from the case studies and insights featured elsewhere in the website

Enterprise Growth Improving passenger experience in the rail sector Test & Evaluation to support platforms & weapons Improving customer performance data in the FMCG sector Inspiring creative solutions in stagnating businesses
Business Transformation Adapting resident communications to the modern world Systems’ security in the sale of Government assets Redefining operational models in all sectors to achieve digital transformation Realising 30% savings in local government while increasing output performance
Organisational Resilience Ensuring recovery & continuity in data-dependent business Information security assurance and accreditation in local government and the 3rd sector Information assurance and data protection in transport services Information asset protection processes, structures and techniques in all sectors